I work solely with vegetable tanned harness leather, because of its strength, durability, colour and feel. Harness leather is steer hide which is dyed in drums and stuffed with oils and tallows. Because of its noticeable strength and firmness, harness keeps its shape well when split down thin.



This type of leather is greatly influenced by its environment and will initially change colour when exposed to sunlight. The coloured leathers will become lighter as time passes, whereas the natural colour will become darker, ageing to a beautiful dark caramel brown and will burnish darker in places often touched. Harness leather will also turn slightly softer over time. 


“As a horse lover, I remember the smooth surface of the saddle and bridle, and the hours spent cleaning and maintaining the leather – the very same type of leather I work with today.”

- Iben Friis Alexandersen


Unlike a material that is mass produced, each piece of leather is one of a kind. Harness leather have a character of its own and often displaying natural markings that lend beauty and refinement to the material. Being a natural product, harness leather can also vary in hue and structure from product to product. These small variations are a unique characteristics and not flaws – each product will develop a unique and individual look when taking on scuffs and memories of your everyday life.

All hides are sourced through Sorensen Leather, a family owned business in Denmark, established in 1973. The company is known worldwide for their experience and extensive expertise within high quality leather.


I carefully choose and use

  • Sorensen Leather high quality harness leather
  • High quality solid brass, German silver, nickel and stainless steel metal parts and fittings
  • All items are hand stitched with Serafil thread - a strong, silk-like 100% polyester continuous thread
  • All edges are bevelled, burnished, coloured and polished to make sure no fraying occurs over time and to ensure beauty and tactility.
  • Everything is entirely handmade and finished by me in my studio at Frederiksberg