SHERIF shelf (large)
SHERIF shelf (large)
2.160,00 kr

3.600,00 kr

SHERIF shelf (large)

With its light and elegant design, this shelf made to create a distinctive and unique interior.

The SHERIF shelf measures 120cm x 27.5cm, and is 2cm thick. There are four narrow notches in the edges which creates a smooth outer surface when sitting in the strap. It further more helps with stability. The shelf are mounted very simply, with a single screw for each strap.

Each shelf weighs 8kg and after a short time will settle to sit comfortably and tight within the leather straps. We recommend that you place a maximum of 35kg of weight on the shelf, to be on the safe side, and that it is mounted with rawl plugs to a solid wall of brick, cement or stone.

The SHERIF shelf is made by Danish cabinet maker, Frigg Bonde. 

 *Remember to buy straps for your shelves.

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